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CEO & Founder


Jesse Torres

Meet Jesse Torres; he works collaborating with universities, non-profit leaders, and the full spectrum of mission-driven social enterprises, entrepreneurs, investors, advisers, and intermediaries seeking to attract the resources and collaborations with corporations to achieve their goals.

He has experience in creating multi-faceted partnerships with a solid return on investment for corporations, and he helps non-profits develop marketing strategies and strategic alliances that bring sustainability to the organizations.

His work is influenced by working with the corporate 500 companies in various industries like Tech, Energy, Insurance, Communication, Food & Beverage, Professional Sports, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, and Banking.

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Raquel Saavedra

Raquel is a professional from Panama City, Panama. She graduated from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Visual Media Arts Production, and a minor in Marketing Communications. She has experience in the entertainment and event planning industries.

Raquel has cultivation and relationship management skills regarding business opportunities. Her responsibilities as an Executive Assistant include working on an international level in LATAM, North America, and Europe and acting as the point of contact among executives, clients, and other external partners; as well as managing information flow, executives’ calendars, and setting up meetings.

About Us

Prime B2B works with clients in Latin America and North America. Helping public and private sectors respond to challenges by leveraging corporate partnerships with top technology companies and relationships built with top-tiered research universities and scientists.

We help clients address their challenges from assessment to implementation and everything in between. Prime B2B has established relationships with top corporations in LATAM and the U.S. and has helped bridge the technology gap from human resources, Research & Development, to implementing technology solutions in Computer Science, Ai, IoT, Data Science, Cyber Security, Mobile Platforms, and Logistics.

Prime B2B has established relationships with various Presidencies in LATAM and has been a key player in developing a strategy in the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine. Prime B2B works across industries and has engaged with established corporations in Financial, Airlines, Mobile, Technology, Mining, HVAC, Film, and Higher Education sectors.

Prime B2B was established to serve as a liaison and as a guide in helping corporations, non-profits, and public entities, and institutions of higher learning find solutions. Most recently Prime B2B has been serving as a key partner in helping corporations in Latin America find technology solutions to both contribute to necessary technology upgrades in Software Development, R&D, and in bridging the access to subject matter experts who bring fundamental knowledge to help enhance the skillset of the employee workforce and to create more relevant strategic planning given the high demand to be more efficient.

Prime B2B forms world-class think tanks and works with clients and within to overcome challenges. This approach is what makes us a partner of choice. We recruit highly qualified professionals with a wide range of subject matter expertise, to bring new ideas, knowledge of theory and application as well as specific industry experience and to the table.

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