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Sponsored Research

Prime B2B helps connect universities looking to develop relationships with Corporate R&D Departments. We connect with universities and help find potential research partners. We work well with tech transfer offices and researchers to identify corporations who may be interested in collaborating on projects of interest and contributing to the knowledge base. Prime B2B can serve as a liaison to optimize the university and corporate partner's respective efforts in helping overcome barriers related to IP, Licensing, Commercialization, and act to secure university resources such as laboratories, university equipment, and subject matter experts where there is interest.

Management Consulting

Prime B2B and its partners make up a group of industry leaders and influential high-level individuals in business and society. Our networking includes relationships with various presidencies in LATAM. The nature of the Prime B2B network and its partners makes it possible to tackle some of the most critical challenges the world faces today, including COVID-19 vaccine distribution, renewable energy, expansion of airport cities, and bridging technology gaps to capture significant opportunities for our corporate partners and clients.

IoT Devices

The continued rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increased number of devices connected to devices demands a large amount of data that needs to be acted upon quickly. Prime B2B customers and clients will no longer have to wait for their data to return to their system. Prime B2B and its partners integrate intelligence in devices themselves so clients can derive insights and make a decision in real-time. Whether it is empowering our clients' staff or creating IoT solutions to business problems, optimization and speed are paramount in any project. We understand that ideas need to become fully functional within minutes rather than days or months. Low-code, smart apps seamlessly integrate the net and coordinates response actions across devices and systems. In doing so, we help improve business performance and the speed of innovation.

University and Corporate Partnerships

Prime B2B has offers its services in guiding universities looking to establish corporate partnerships. We help guide university executives, college deans, and university research centers to explore collaborations based on corporate interests and university initiatives. Prime B2B can help identify synergies and establish multi-faceted strategic alliances with industry meant to help corporations leverage the potential force-pipeline and increase brand visibility on campus while leveraging the university platform to increase brand visibility at local, regional, and national level. Our services include sharing insights about industry partnerships that can help universities understand opportunities in corporate social responsibility initiatives, community relations programs.

Data integration

Simplify the building of modern cloud-native applications by graphically choreographing the interactions between APIs and micro-serves. Prime B2B's partners fully portable application integration platform is reliable, readily available, and scalable to deliver services faster with reduced time to market. We can integrate our client's data no matter what size of their business is.

Collaborating with Government Officials and Contributing to Technology Initiatives

Prime B2B is helping create the right ecosystem of corporate partners and top universities in the U.S. to create an ecosystem similar to that of Silicon Valley in California. Prime B2B is helping to connect technology companies interested in establishing a Latin American presence and recruiting them to establish their headquarters in LATAM.

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